The Joe Hurt Trio

Chicago Jazz Music

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Joe Hurt on Piano

When it comes to Joe Hurt, the old adage needs to be rethought-Believe none of what you see and all of what you hear. To be fair, Joe looks like a young buisiness exec, and decidedly not like a seasoned jazz piano player, which he decidedly is. Joe’s in his twenties now, one can only imagine the shock that folks felt when an 15-year old Joe sat down at the keys and laid down the blues like a grizzled old vet. The Chicago piano legend Skip Green took notice, and became a mentor to the fledgling virtuoso. By the time Joe turned nineteen, he had released his first traditional Jazz CD, and begun composing jingles for national Radio and TV spots.

Around that same time, a seed that was planted three years earlier bore fruit. When Joe was sixteen, a family member passed along the business card of one Isaac ‘Redd’ Holt, the Chicago Drum icon. As a huge fan of Ramsey Lewis (in whose hit group Redd played), the stature of Redd could hardly be diminished. The 19-year old Joe finally found the right gig to call on Redd. It’s one thing to play all the notes, and quite another to play them with the right feel, Joe brought the right stuff to the table.

Since then, Joe and Redd have been a formidable team. Joe plays like an old soul, but his heart is fresh and new. This double vision is the starting point for exciting and passionate music. How many of the young lions of today can interweave modern modal harmony with old-school smooth, all the time keeping the distinctive groove of the Chicago style of Piano Jazz?

The public always has the benefit of a musician who was born with his dues “paid-in-full”. Joe has performed throughout the world in his short time so far, and celebs and dignitaries from all walks of life have been in his audiences. President George W, Mayor Daley the second, the cast of Ocean's 11(that's right; Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Don Cheadle, and the rest of the gang.) Michael Jordan, and Billy Joel are just a few of the big names who have been “Hurt”. An impressive list, but more important are the folks who have hired Joe, either as a solo or with his group. They are the ones who have heard the great comments, and rave reviews. The audiences, small and large, who tap their feet to the bop, or get up and dance, cast their votes for Joe’s talent.

The book of Joe is still being written, and updates are arriving daily. You’ve heard stories like it, but not this thrilling.