The Joe Hurt Trio

The JOE HURT TRIO is Chicago’s premiere piano-jazz trio playing the right music at the right time. No matter what the occasion, your group becomes “The In Crowd”, when Joe and his guys take the stage. Cool as ice, or hot as State Street on an August night, The Joe Hurt Trio provides the soundtrack and sets the mood-Chicago Style.

Five Reasons to hire the Joe Hurt Trio:

  1. EXPERIENCE - Joe Hurt and the band have been around. Around the world, as in Europe, Asia and Cleveland. They’ve played every kind of engagement for folks from all walks of life, and that includes Presidents, Movie Stars and…just plain folks. Redd Holt played drums on the classic jazz cut The ‘In’ Crowd by The Ramsey Lewis Trio. Everyone in the band has performed on big-deal commercials, movie soundtracks. television, and radio. This ain’t your everyday bunch of hackers playing gigs on the weekend. These folks are true pros who have dedicated their lives to music.
  2. FUN - You don’t get this successful by being a drag. The greatest players get that way by getting inside the joy of music and crawling around with abandon. Sure, dignity reigns, but there’s a smile in the song at all times. What makes musicians great is the ability to share that joy with the listener, and the Joe Hurt Trio has that ability in abundance.
  3. UNIQUE - Redd Holt can play with anyone he wants to, and he chooses to play with these young folks. Why? Because Joe’s got the goods i.e. these cats can really play. The cultural differences notwithstanding, there’s an energy and vitality (read:spirit) that flows between the players that only folks who are immersed in music can muster. The paycheck is a perk…no matter what the gig, The Joe Hurt Trio is there to play.
  4. CHEMISTRY - Eggheads have tried to figure out stuff like crude oil and other organic compounds since the dawn of science. Some things just are, and can’t be explained. The Joe Hurt Trio is kind of like that. It’s a gestalt, the whole becoming greater than the sum of its parts. There are the right people together in the right situation, playing the right music. Egos and such don’t matter-they play for each other, together to play for you! You’re the equal partner in the deal. The Joe Hurt Trio+(how many people at your event)=A grand success. It’s a formula that works every time
  5. PROFESSIONAL - See #2 above… You don’t get this successful by not working and playing well with others. Dignity and a workmanlike business ethic are the rules of the day. The Joe Hurt Trio will get high from the music, but nothing else. They know how to tell time and read a contract. They will look like the professionals that they are, and will play the kind of music that you ask them to. If you don’t know what kind of music your event needs, just ask Joe…he knows.

All these traits combine to make The Joe Hurt Trio the perfect choice for your concert. club date, or event. Individuals, families and corporations have had complete satisfaction with Joe in every possible way. And if you are limited by space or budget, and would like to hire Joe as a solo, then please don’t refrain from an inquiry. Maybe you’d just like to be radical and hire Redd and Ken…it’s all good. Add your name to the list of the hundreds of clients who have been amazed by the magic of the JOE HURT TRIO.